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  1. Join with us to put together an inclusive Climate Crisis Package. We are working with many organizations across the U. S. to co-sponsor the Congressional bills needed to save our world from the steady rise of climate change. Todd Fernandez, of Climate Crisis Digest has spearheaded this. We are looking for more groups and individuals to take part in this. We have two goals: The first is to have a package of bills that cover all our common climate interests. The second is to change the public will so that our Legislators will know they need to pass these bills.
    I am taking the lead in the Midwest and Plains States to pull people together.
    As we wrote on the longer letter we need people in each Congressional District to connect with people to help them understand the climate crisis. We already have many people, however, we need more people familiar with writing and reviewing legislation, one or more scientists, lawyers, organizers, someone willing to help manage the administrative tasks, fundraisers, lobbyists, someone to oversee the needed education with videos, internet, and paper materials, and people at the State and Regional Level to oversee the work that is being accomplished. WE EVEN NEED PEOPLE WHO WILL ONLY MAKE A FEW CALLS TO THEIR LEGISLATORS!
    Please feel free to pass this on to everyone in your email contacts who might be interested. If you teach you might create a project for your students to take a roleā€”from as simple as writing a letter to a friend or legislator to as complicated as joining a committee on legislative bills or connecting the consequences of climate change to their own community and then determining a way of sharing the information they found.

    Thank you for reading and considering this! Let me know what help you can offer. Ask me about more detailed letter

    Meryl Greer Domina (815) 758-4827 & (224) 406-4555

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