Candidates for the Board of Directors

Candidates for the Board of Directors include:

Chambre Beauvais – Chambre is currently serving on the CACC Board.  He is a chef currently working in the food industry, and serves on the CACC Ways and Means Committee.  He lives in Bath, Michigan.

Connie Beauvais – Like Chambre, Connie is currently a member of CACC Board.  Connie is the long-time organizer of CACC’s Wheatland Kitchen and brings decades of professional food experience to the position.  She serves on CACC’s Fund Raising Committee and also lives in Bath, Michigan.

Merri DeSanto – Murry, as she’s known to us, is an occupational therapist who lives in Bay City, Michigan.  She is a member of the Unity Church of Bay City, Saginaw Valley Sustainability Society,  and the Climate Stick

Ann Hunt – Annie is a founding member of CACC and has served as Executive Director, Treasurer, and on the Ways and Means Committee.  She also works with Connie in coordinating the CACC Kitchen at Wheatland.  She lives in Lake Station, Michigan.

Phill Hunt – Another founding member of CACC, Phill has served on the Board of Directors for decades.  He is a retired building contractor who brings expertise in how things are put together.  Phill serves on the Fund Raising Committee and lives in Lake Station, Michigan.

Victor McManemy – Victor is a long-time CACC Board member who lives in Empire, Michigan.  Victor’s music is well known to environmental and social justice advocates around the Great Lakes and was recognized by Pete Seeger and Greenpeace for his thought-provoking lyrics.   Victor is a member of CACC’s Education Committee.

Laura Sanderson – Laura is a current CACC Board member who serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for CACC’s Wheatland Festival Kitchen crew.  She is a member of the Fund Raising Committee and lives in Carrollton, Michigan.

Steve Sanderson – Steve is an HVAC specialist who operates his own company in the Saginaw area.  He is a current Board member and serves on the Fund Raising Committee.  He lives in Carrollton, Michigan.

John Witucki – John has been a CACC Board member for decades and brings his talent for locating obscure parts for ancient equipment to the Wheatland kitchen.  He is a member of the Lone Tree Council and splits his residency between Bay City and Ludington, Michigan.