Line 5 Postcard Series


Announcing the hot new postcard series for the 2017 summer season!
These attractive designs carry a powerful message.

Download the pdf below. It works with Avery postcard 4 per page templates, or you can just print it onto card stock and cut it out yourself. Not rocket science. Use the postcards to write comments to your representatives, agencies accepting public comments, agencies not accepting public comments, Heidi’s house, wherever.
We can’t tell you what to do. It’s open source.   

Line 5 postcards 4/page PDF

CACC Line 5 Postcard Series 1: anticopyright N©!2017
The publishers, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination, humbly put this post card series at the disposal of those who, in good faith, might circulate, plagiarize, revise, and otherwise make use of them in the course of making the world a better place. Possession, reproduction, transmission, excerpting, introduction as evidence in court and all other applications by any corporation, government body, security organization, or similar party of evil intent are strictly prohibited and punishable under natural law.