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New contentPosted October 23, 2013

CACC is mentioned as an intervener in this Don't Waste Michigan Press release regarding Fermi 3.

Posted August 23, 2012

CACC is quoted mentioned in media release from the Council of Canadians.

Posted July 2, 2012

CACC joins other Environmental groups urging the Joint commission to reinstate a Nuclear Task Force to protect the great lakes. Read the press release here.

Posted July 2, 2012

CACC is an intervener before the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board on Fermi 3 and has been cited in this press release.

Posted June 4, 2012

Maryann Lesert recently spoke at the CACC general membership meeting, her topic was "The Dangers of Fracking in Michigan: regarding the dangers of Fracking in Michigan." Ms. Lesert has granted permission for her presentation to be posted her on the CACC site. Please take the time to study the presentation.

Posted May 13, 2012

The Lone Tree Council and Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination proudly present:

Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Specialist from Beyond Nuclear: Nuclear Waste - Our Legacy for the Great Lakes?

And a special screening of the film “Into Eternity”

Friday, May 18th, 2012, 7pm - 9 pm at First Congregational Church, UCC 904 Sixth Street, Bay City, on the corners of N. VanBuren and Sixth -- Free and open to the public.

Read the entire Press Release from this link.

Posted May 13, 2012

Charlevoix, Mich.­“The Truth and Consequences of Fracking,” two nights of presentations will feature Jessica Ernst, a scientist from Alberta, Canada who is suing the EnCana gas company for contaminating her water wells with methane and toxic chemicals, and Kevin Heatley, a restoration ecologist from Pennsylvania who has worked with the devastation in that state’s fragmented and fracked state and national forests. Ernst will present “The Truth and Consequences of Fracking” and Heatley will present “Woods or Wells? Ecological Consequences of Unconventional Gas Extraction.” READ MORE.

Posted February 16, 2012

Environmental coalition defends Fermi 3 EIS contentions against challenges by NRC staff and DTE. Read more here.

Posted May, 2011

Videos from the recent event: Nuclear Threats to the Great Lakes and Transition to Clean Safe Energy – International Roundtable Have been posted on YouTube, and CACC has posted links to them.

Posted April 15, 2011

Beyond Nuclear, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination, Citizens Environment Alliance, Don't Waste Michigan, Green Party of Ohio, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter, are Among Those Urging NRC to Delay Licensing While NRC and Presidential Commission Conduct a Full Study of Implications of Japan Reactor Crisis. You may read a press release here.

Posted December 8, 2010

Environmental Activist League and Community Groups File Lawsuit to Protect Appeals Court's Emissions Victory. You may read the press release here.

Posted November 8, 2010

Cement Industry Challenges Pollution Cuts That Would Save Lives, Money. Read the press release.

Note this paragraph: “We have as much sympathy for PCA’s concern for the dirtiest cement plants as they have had for us,” said Bill Freese, director of the Huron Environmental Activist League. “The Lafarge plant in Alpena, Michigan is rated by the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory as one of the dirtiest cement plant in North America. In 1988 they became one of the largest hazardous waste burning facilities in North America. They burned hazardous waste until late 2001, but the emissions continued. We have waited for years for rules to clean up our air and environment. They are long past due.”

Posted August 18, 2010

A press release from Great Lakes United regarding shipment of radioactive Steam Generators. Read the press release.

Posted May 13, 2010

Radioactive Steam Generator Shipments Put the Great Lakes and Global Consumer Products at Risk. Read the press release (PDF fromat).

Posted May 20, 2012

Lake, Michigan

CACC joins Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health. Complete information is here.

Posted May 20, 2012

Macomb County, Michigan

CACC commends Macomb County Officials opposition to a Proposed Rad-Waste Dump on Lake Huron. The full press release is here.

Posted October 19, 2007

Lake, Michigan

Bi-national Forum: Dangers of Nuclear Power on the Great Lakes/Steps to a Sustainable Energy Future.

November 3, 2007, 9am - 5pm
Fr. Gerald Bretz Hall, directly behind St. Sylvester's Catholic Church, 11200 Twelve Mile Road, Warren MI between Hoover and Van Dyke. Turn south at the traffic light at Campbell Drive. The hall and parking lot are accessed from Campbell Drive. Map

Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination (CACC), Voices for Earth Justice, and Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario are co-sponsoring a forum, "Bi-national Forum: Dangers of Nuclear Power on the Great Lakes/Steps to a Sustainable Energy Future". Admission is free. This event is a part of the "Step it Up" National Day of Climate action.

Our speakers include:

Great Lakes songwriter and troubadour, Victor McManemy, will perform. A light lunch will be served.

These are critical issues today. Great Lakes residents will soon have an extraordinary opportunity to comment on Ontario Power Generation’s proposal to put 20 plants worth of so-called "low" and "intermediate" level nuclear waste in a deep geological repository, less than one mile from Lake Huron. Global warming is having a pronounced effect on the Great Lakes. There is proposed uranium mining in Michigan's UP. Bruce Power is looking to expand nuclear power at the Bruce complex on Lake Huron, and the Canadian Federal Government is looking for a high-level nuclear waste dump in the Great Lakes Basin. Detroit Edison has proposed building a new nuclear plant at Fermi, and has made inquiries toward building another. Canada is contemplating joining the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, wherein the U.S. would reprocess much of the world's nuclear fuel, which could result in increased transportation of nuclear materials across our borders. Great Lakes uranium mining and milling has taken a huge toll on the health of First Nation communities and waters within the Great Lakes Bioregion. All of this is taking place without much public discussion or knowledge. As responsible citizens, we need to know where our tax dollars go. Then, we can help direct the public discussion on energy to equitable, sustainable solutions.

U.S. and Canadian governments seem bent on a nuclear (and big coal) buildup at the same time that many Great Lakes residents, including First Nation and Anishinabe Peoples, are seeking sustainable, decentralized energy for our future - to protect both the People - and the Waters, upon which our whole Bioregion depends. We also seek a smaller human footprint on the face of the Earth, and the urgent need to address global warming. We must take a look at the legacy we wish to leave our children and grandchildren. Join us for a look at the choices we have before us, and what we can do about it.

Endorsers include:

For more information, please contact: Kay Cumbow, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination, website, phone 810-346-4513 or e-mail; or Patty Gillis, Voices for Earth Justice, website, phone 248-351-9001, or e-mail.

Posted June 27, 2007

Lake, Michigan

CACC (Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination) has issued a press release with regard to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, and a bill currently pending in the Michigan House of Representatives. It is posted here.

Information on Sulfides is posted here.

Posted April 15, 2007

Olympia, Washington

Washington State Legislature Passes First-in-the-Nation Ban on Toxic Flame Retardants Measure Passes Senate 41 to 8, Goes to Governor for Signature. The text is posted here.

Posted December 30, 2006

Lansing, Michigan

The Michigan DEQ Announces Proposed Determination on Nestle Water Withdrawal Proposal. A press release is here.

Posted June 20, 2006

Surrey Township, Michigan

Concerned citizen groups are raising questions about the nature of the radioactive wastes aboard a derailed train amidst conflicting press reports. A NIRS press release is here.