What Type of Seeds are Available?

All of the seeds we offer are open pollinated. This includes heirloom and non-heirloom healthy veggiesvarieties. We do not knowingly stock any hybrid or GMO seed. These varieties do not remain “true to type” when saved from year to year. In some cases, the genetics are proprietary (exclusive property of the seed company) and it is illegal to retain seed.

Our seed library currently focuses on making three different categories of seeds available:

  • Seeds that generate food for people
  • Seeds that improve the food garden habitat
  • Seeds that improve food garden soil health

Seeds that generate food for people include vegetables, grains, and fruits like corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, etc. It may also include culinary herb seed. We focus on varieties that are tailored to the needs and conditions of the home gardener. We do not tend to stock varieties that are intended for monoculture or commercial production.

Seeds that improve food garden habitat include plants that enhance growing conditions for your food plants in many different ways. Often, these plants are called “companion plants.” Companion plants can attract pollinators or other beneficial insects. They can also repel insects or animals that can damage your crop. Examples include cosmos (attracts bees), marigolds (repels bunnies), and borage (repels tomato hornworms and improves tomato flavor).

Seeds that improve food garden soil health are important because they provide cost effective and sustainable soil management options. Examples include forage radish (breaks up packed soil) and clover (fixes nitrogen).

Availability is on a first come, first serve basis. For an up to date listing of the seeds we have in our library, please check out our database.

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