About Us

CACC is a grassroots environmental education and advocacy organization dedicated to the principals of social and environmental justice, pollution prevention, Citizen Empowerment, and general environmental protection with a focus on the Great Lakes Bioregion.

We are dedicated to building and maintaining a network capable of providing Citizens with information, education, and connections that lead to action.

Inventor Brad Kallio presenting at the 2015 General Membership Meeting
Inventor Brad Kallio presenting at the 2015 General Membership Meeting


8735 Maple Grove rd. Lake, MI 48632



CACC was founded in 1978


CACC was born out of sheer necessity.
In the late 1970’s, a gypsy-moth epidemic swept across the Midwest. The State of Michigan responded by spraying forests with the harmful industrial pesticide Dimilin. A group of
Central Michigan organic growers quickly realized their crops could be sprayed without their consent, and went to work.
CACC was founded to file in court to stop the spraying.


Thanks to the diligence and hard work of dedicated activists in organizations such as CACC and sister-organization Lone Tree Council, the court ordered the State of Michigan to:

1. cease using Dimilin and use Bt, an organic pesticide
2. notify property owners when spraying was scheduled
3. allow property owners to opt out of the program
and establish buffer zones around their property

That victory gave rise to four decades of activism!






Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear presenting at the 2015 gmm
Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear presenting at the 2015 GMM

What does CACC do?
Publish a quarterly informational newsletter and
e-newsletter to members and for the public

Maintain an information sharing network with similar organizations both locally and globally

Maintain a brick-and-mortar library of environmental information for staff research and public access at our office in Central Michigan

Work with the Michigan Natural Shoreline
Partnership to encourage natural landscaping
practices along the shores of inland lakes

Notify activists within our network of upcoming
action events and meet-up opportunities.

Network with like minded organizations to oppose and resist the use of nuclear power.

Work to incorporate the concept and ideology of Citizen level “energy independence” into the verbal lexicon and action plans of working-class Citizens

Seek to bridge the logistical and geographical gap caused by the vast distance between environmental activists of southern MI and northern MI

Encourage and facilitate formative agricultural
and environmental experiences for young children

Wheatland Music Festival
CACC has operated a fundraiser kitchen at Wheatland for 40 years

CACC Kitchen 1987
CACC Kitchen 1987

We are always seeking volunteers! 
contact: volunteer@caccmi.org 

CACC Kitchen 2015
CACC Kitchen 2015