Nuclear Power – It’s time to stop NOW!

When will we learn?

While proponents of nuclear see it as a low-carbon way to produce energy, once the carbon footprint of the extraction and processing of uranium are taken into account, that climate friendly image disappears quickly. It’s just another move in the corporate industrial shell game. Low-E lifestyles powered by wind, solar, and muscle are the only way to save our world.

This month, the Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York state sprung a tritium leak into the surrounding groundwater supply, with some of the plants wells reading a 65,000% increase in radiation. Supporters of nuclear energy claim the radiation from the tritium is well within the acceptable range determined by the NRC. We opponents of nuclear tech dispute that range, and many refute that there can be any acceptable amount of radioactive tritium released into the environment.

The NRC concedes that radioactive groundwater contamination has occurred at all nuclear plants in the US.
Not most. All.

The DOE is making a cozy deal with Canada to take shipments of liquid nuclear waste from Ontario to South Carolina.

Liquid nuclear waste - It's pretty much exactly what you would think
Liquid nuclear waste – It’s pretty much exactly what you would think

There is a massive underground fire in Missouri that is dangerously near a nuclear waste dump. The EPA apparently does not consider this an emergency.

In Japan, Fukushima is far from over, and  a recent volcanic eruption caused a close call of epic proportions with another nuclear plant.

As the aging global fleet of power plants decays into disrepair, industry seems only interested in building new plants. Belgium is currently facing the risk of an event of Chernobyl proportions.

And still, at home, we must fight against a nuclear waste dump that would be less than a mile from the shore of Lake Huron.

The Great Lakes are the drinking water source for over 30 million people. 20% of the Earth’s fresh surface water. Help us protect this precious bioregion. Take a stand against nuclear power, and join CACC today!