Still Denying Climate Change? – opinion

As of today, those among us who still deny climate change are farther behind the curve than Fox News.


by Wes Raymond – CACC administrator

A recent study published by the journal Nature warns that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could collapse, potentially raising sea levels by 30 feet as soon as 2100, and more than 50 feet over the next 500 years. The authors attribute ice collapse to warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. For many of us, this information is filed under “things we’ve been trying to tell people about since 1986”, and the real story is how Fox News came out of left field and published an article about climate science that’s…. well… true.

Check it out here 

Of course, a little ink is still wasted on ridiculous “skepticism”, but it’s relegated to a short paragraph all the way at the bottom. Progress? Maybe.

I fear as climate awareness grows, the absence of a debate turned media circus over climate will force the issue to the back burner in the election. (An election that is, of course, monopolizing everyone’s attention and energy.) Also, acceptance of a problem does not preclude actually doing something about a problem. American absurdism could keep the GHG tap on for quite some time if left to its own devices. It’s up to us to keep the reality of humanity’s relationship with the biosphere at the forefront of all discourse, political and otherwise.


west antarctic ice sheet 1


location and size of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet